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Unlocking the full potential of humanity in this digital age.

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Homo Conexus

We are shifting to a new phase in our evolution. From Homo Sapiens, meaning wise man,
to Homo Conexus, connected man. But not just in a digital way.

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With over 20 years of experience in organizational change, Margot strongly pleas for increased awareness of the human potential. She is on a mission to unlock the full potential of humanity.  In other words, to be more human. To facilitate the shift from Homo Sapiens, where we distinguish ourselves by being wise, to Homo Conexus, where we distinguish ourselves by our connecting abilities. In her talks she combines a philosophical vision with a practical approach. Because in the end it’s not the words, but the impact that counts.



Homo Conexus

After more than four centuries of focus on our rational abilities – thanks to René Descartes –  the world now needs a new calling. Because we are reaching the limits of our rational abilities. It’s time for the shift from Homo Sapiens (wise man) to Homo Conexus (connected man). But not just in a digital way…

The impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will definitely increase our wellbeing. But it also requires us to rethink our own position as human beings. While embracing what technology brings us, we should revisit what makes us unique: our ability, but also our need for being connected.


Inclusion is key

If we acknowledge the power of every individual, be inclusive and embrace diversity, we can do amazing things. Because in diversity we find our power. However, our system prefers ‘normality’. Also our idea of ‘normal’ has become so slim, that it’s pretty difficult to fit in. And therefore we need to hack the system.