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Running hard won’t break the cycle

break the cycle
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What does it feel like to be you? Are you relaxed or do you feel pressured to perform? As if you are in a treadmill, in a never ending cycle to progress…


Running harder will not get you anywhere. Breaking habits, slowing down the cycle is the only way to go. There’s no way you can outrun the treadmill. Trust me, I know.

And… we are not rats or hamsters, are we? We can think. We can see the bigger picture. We have a choice. Don’t we? I did.

Getting out of the treadmill

At some point I was running like mad in a treadmill. But somehow it never got me anywhere. Except making me run low on energy. Pretty low. So I took a break – it wasn’t easy. I taught myself to look at things from a different point of view. To step down from my focus on performance. In work, in school, in parenting, in friendship, in anything. That’s how I managed to get out of the cycle.

Let me tell you a secret

It won’t be long before computers and robots will be pretty good at doing the treadmill stuff. In return we – as humans – need to step in to do what computers and robots CAN’T do. To connect, to empathize, to be good at the human-to-human things, and make our machines (our robots and computers) work for us. To help us, not to rule us.

Just don’t run harder. See where you are and know you have a choice. Always.

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