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Pushing myself. Doing things I thought I would never do. From the basic belief, that if I can do it, so can you. I need to explore how far I can stretch myself, to understand how far I can make you stretch.

The big thing

The big thing – the really big thing – I am working on is my new story. It feels bigger than my book. It’s as if this time it should stretch beyond limits, and can be anything I want it to be.

One thing I know is that my story will not be an intellectual story. I am not here to share knowledge. To be honest, I think we know all we need to know. It’s about making sense of it all, and understanding what all this means to us. So, I am not here to teach you stuff you need to know. This will not be a braindump.

Touch a part within you

What I really want is to find a way to make you feel something. To touch a part within you, that will wake up and will start to grow. To reach something that is already inside you, and find a way for you to feel that piece of you. Once you feel it, I know you will want to hold on to it, to nurture it, and welcome it in your daily life.

This means for sure, that I have to stretch myself too. I am looking into ways for turning my story into an experience. To touch your senses. And so, this evening I was figuring out if singing would be a way to reach you. And no.. I am not a great singer, but using my voice could be a way to touch something that may not be touched by just a spoken word. Words may not even be necessary. Just a thought. I’m not sure if I should proceed on this route, but the thought is inspiring, right?

How I love this adventure

Oh, oh, how I love this adventure. It makes me think way beyond borders. Exploring options that have never been options before. It’s about reinventing myself. And reinventing what humans can be. Or could be, if only we get rid of our limited thinking.

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