inclusion is key

There is a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion, but somehow we don’t seem to get it right. While we seem to think it’s important we have created a system that tries to fit everyone on the ‘normal’ brief. And at the same time our view of normal has become so slim that nobody really fits.  So it’s normal to be abnormal.

Diversity goes far beyond the difference between men and women, between black and white, between young and old. Every person is unique. Everyone has their own qualities and experiences that make you who you are.

According to the United Nations, there will be around 9.7 billion people on the earth by 2050. All unique human beings and every single one is part of our network of humanity. Just imagine what connections between 9.7 billion unique people can do? No computer can compete with that! By realizing that there is an enormous wealth in diversity, an infinite potential can be unlocked.

When we acknowledge the value of every individual, be inclusive, embrace our diversity – we can do amazing things… We can make magic happen. Cause in diversity we find our power.