a keynote is about making impact

Words are just words. But if they touch someone, it will set things in motion. As a speaker it’s all about making an impact.  To make people feel the message. Be inspired to take the next step.

That’s what my talks do.



Not just facts, not just theory. But a strong message with real life stories. An engaging and inspiring experience for the audience.



Every industry has it’s specific challenges and opportunities. The talks are tuned to the audience and the industry.



English or Dutch

Talks can be in English or Dutch.

Les Clefs d'Or

Les Clefs d’Ors, the international association of Hotel Concierges, deal with the challlenge of how to include the opportunities that artificial intelligence offer in their specific area of work, in combination with staying true to what hospitality is all about: making guests feel welcome, enabling a human connection. While tech offers many things, the human touch will always be the distinguishing factor in excellent customer care. A talk with many examples from the hotelindustry, with a motivating an truthful view on the future. With opportunities for anyone who dares to see them.