Future Human?

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Do you ever wonder what the future holds for us? To me it seems that we have been trying to be like a machine. At least I have.

To be a machine? Or not to be machine?

But we aren’t machines, are we? What if we stopped trying to be like a machine, and started looking into all the beautiful things that make us human? What if we start seeing the wonder in our imperfections? The Japanese have a word for this: Wabi Sabi. It stands for living in the now, through the power of imperfection and transience. Acceptance that things never stay as they are.

Wabi Sabi

Getting a bit more Wabi Sabi in our life would help a lot. To be more human. To start practicing what being human in the future will be.

I am working on a new story, on what it means to be human. On how to get the best of both worlds. Balancing man and machine in an artificial intelligence future.

On our way towards a new balance

Curious? I’ll keep you posted. And please, share your thoughts. Cause I’m curious too ?

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