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In three connecting topics Margot engages her audience in the future of work.

  • Relevant

    “Work” is in it’s biggest transformation ever. With new technology and data entering the workspace it’s about finding the right balance between man and machine - Margot’s key topic and main driver.

  • Relatable

    She’s walked the mile, done the work, and learned her lessons. At the same time she is just another human being, with human struggles and questions. She brings all of this - and much more - to the stage.

  • Radiant

    Margot is a natural speaker and owns her topic. She is a radiant personality, who cares about her message and her audience. In her talks she stimulates both the left and right brain, making it a true experience.

  • Actionable

    Your actions speak louder than words. That’s why the talks are not just great talks, but actionable too. With clear tools, smartly woven into the inspiration, to follow up with after the talks.

Speaker about Adaptability

Change is happening fast. We have a hard time keeping up. If you can't say relevant you'll be 'out of business'. Learn how to keep up with this rapid change by unleashing your adaptability.

Speaker about Connection - and the concept of Homo Conexus

Although we are more (digitally) connected than ever, we feel less connected with our teams, our organization and our society. Learn how to find a way back to be truly connected.

Speaker about Artificial Intelligence for dummies

Artificial Intelligence will impact your work, one way or the other. So learn to understand what Artificial Intelligence can do and how you can stay relevant and valuable.

Bring humanity back into business.

Margot van Brakel
Arpad Gerecsey

At the event 'Curious about AI' at A Lab on March 28th, Margot van Brakel delivered an inspiring keynote that truly captivated the audience. With her lively and engaging presentation, she managed to engage and captivate the audience from start to finish.

Margot's excellent understanding of AI and her knowledge of the latest developments in the field allowed her to convey her message in a comprehensible and accessible manner, without losing sight of the complexity of the subject. Her presentation was sprinkled with practical examples and anecdotes that inspired the audience to contemplate the future of AI and how it can transform our lives.

As a passionate and engaging speaker, Margot aimed to both inform and inspire her audience, and she certainly succeeded. Her vibrant and inspiring presentation makes her highly recommended for future events.

Arpad Gerecsey

Director & Chief Innovation Office A Lab

Gijs Veenenbos

The presentation delivered by Margot van Brakel during a strategic meeting of senior management was not only substantive but also incredibly engaging. The objective was to intrinsically embrace the latest technological advancements.

Margot's presentation exceeded all expectations in this regard. It was a captivating discourse that began by emphasizing the human aspect (the importance of learning and acceptance) and seamlessly transitioned into the realm of technological developments, specifically AI, illustrating how to embrace them without compromising one's individuality.

For our organization, this presentation proved to be highly motivating as it effectively dismantled any barriers associated with acceptance. It inspired us to approach new technologies with an open mind, recognizing their potential while still staying true to ourselves.

Gijs Veenenbos

Managing Partner, Crowe-Peak

Dirk Beljaarts

I have come to know Margôt – when she was keynote speaker at a hospitality event – as an insightful and passionate speaker. She has raised speaking to be an art by itself, but more importantly her message is spot on in today's disconnected world. I have asked Margôt to inspire my entire team and her contribution to the phase that we were in as a company was a message that needed to be heard. From one heart to another Margôt’s speech inspired my team and left a message that still resonates today.

Dirk Beljaarts

CEO, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

Margôt has taken ample time to give all hotel concierges a positive feeling during our Les Clefs d’Or meeting. After her inspiring story, they go back to work with great enthusiasm to bring hospitality to an even higher level.

Ron Stoevelaar

President Les Clefs d’Or the Netherlands

Margôt is an inspirational speaker who addresses you straight from the heart. She understands how to move her audience: Empowering, Energetic and Informative at the same time. Her topic is an issue we have to deal with every day, so in my opinion she should get as much attention as possible to tell her story all over the world.

Charles van Goch

CEO (Chief Empowering Officer), Hospitality Synergy Group / Mise en Place