the impact of artificial intelligence

At some point in time computers will outsmart us a humans. They will exceed our intellictual abilities. So where does this leave humanity?

For more than 4 centuries our education, upbringing and culture has been focused on the rational side of life. Being smart gave us power. Our system has put us on the track of trying to be like a robot. As predictive as possible, high performing and continuously learning. But now the snake is biting it’s tail. While investing in our rational abilities, we have neglected the emotional, connecting and imaginative quality of humans.

How do we ensure that we can co-exist with an artificial generation? It requires us to understand what makes us human and how we can influence innovation to ensure our human values are being protected by future artificial generations.

Artificial Intelligence should not only be an area of attention for scientists and developers. The impact on humanity is potentially enormous. Developing an intelligence that transcends ourselves is the end of our rational endeavor. It is the ultimate goal. And with reaching this goal comes the responsibility for its consequences. It’s up to us to ensure that we, as humanity, make the right choices. To shape the future together.